Wednesday, December 14, 2011

38 Days!

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Welcome to my blog!

Today I received my housing assignment for my first four weeks in Florence, and I am in the process of booking my flight, so I thought this would be an appropriate day to write my first post.

Departure day is January 21st, and I'm starting to get nervous and antsy, but my excitement definitely trumps both of those emotions. Once my flight is officially booked, I'll feel a lot better.

I have finally been given all of the information about the apartment that I will be living in while I take my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification course. While I cringe every time I look at how much this apartment will be costing me, from what I can tell, it's going to be a nice place to start out. I'll be sharing the apartment with another student, but I'll have my own room, a kitchen, bathroom, and living room with a PIANO. I'm pretty excited about that! My dad is a piano technician, so he of course loved this.

The best part about the apartment (and probably the reason why it's so expensive) is that it's a five minute walk from where I'll be taking my classes. I'm super relieved by this-- I did not want to be walking to class in the cold for twenty minutes everyday. It's also a few blocks from the Duomo and other great areas.

Want to see a picture?

Thanks Google Earth!

I'll be all the way on the top floor. Crazy!

It's mine in 38 days!

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