Sunday, June 17, 2012

The grand opening of Brandina in Cesenatico!

The same day that we were in Cesenatico, Brandina, a luxury bag and accessory line, had its grand opening of its new "Bottega" along the port, and us bloggers were invited to attend! 
Only the best champagne!

Upon arrival, we were lucky enough to meet Brandina's founder and designer Marco Morosini. He told  Nicola and I how he came up with the idea for the line...
It all started when Marco was putting together a collection of photos of people around the beach town of Rimini. When he was publishing it, he wanted the cover to be more than just a typical hardcover. So he decided to cover it with a sleeve made out of recycled beach chair material from Rimini.

With this came the idea for the Brandina brand and the patterns and styles that all of the bags and accessories are designed with. 

The new store is absolutely stunning.. this boat sits right in the middle of it.

I was dying to get one of those beach bags!

Lots of colorful accessories

Nicola spoke with Giulia, who told us how the bags are created and the thought process behind the naming of them. Each piece is named something that has to do with the beach or with traveling, such as "Overbooking" and "Duty Free".


Some jazz music for the party

Brandina gave Nicola and I the most adorable wristlets-- mine is called Houseboat

Thank you Marco and Giulia!

Check out the bag and accessory line on there are stores in Italy, Ibiza, and the US.


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