Thursday, June 14, 2012

The port of Cesenatico and Frecce Tricolori

After our delicious gelato excursion, we headed to the port of Cesenatico, which was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. The buildings along the canal were so colorful and vibrant, as were many of the sailboats that sat in front of them.

"I'm on a boat!"

A long walk down the canal brought us to the beach. It wasn't a warm enough day to go swimming (although some of the visitors in the next picture disagreed) but the temperature was perfect for a nice stroll by the water.

This is where the high-speed boats depart from to get to Croatia. They only take about two hours to get there, I was very tempted to just hop on one and go...

Taking in the views

As we were enjoying the sea breeze, Frecce Tricolori began an airshow. It was fun to watch, but what I really enjoyed was turning around and seeing every single person behind us with their necks craned upwards!

The sun and water... couldn't ask for more!

Up next--  the opening of the Brandina store in Cesenatico! 

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