Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My first Italian TV appearance at La Notte Celeste

After our fantastic massages, all of us bloggers got all dolled up and ready for an amazing five course meal with the leaders of the Emilia Romagna tourism board. I felt rude taking photos at the dinner, as we were with very distinguished individuals, but of course, it was delish. Everything that we dined with  did not speak English, and by the end of the the dinner, my brain was exhausted as I was intently listening to the conversation at the table and was doing some translating for my fellow bloggers. 

This dinner was to welcome us to the celebration that began that night called La Notte Celeste, a night when all of the spa towns in Emilia Romagna celebrate the water and spas that are so important to the community. There's live music and entertainment that everyone in the town comes to experience and enjoy. 

Us bloggers were also lucky enough to be brought on stage and introduced to the entire town. They were so welcoming and happy to have us in Bagno di Romagna. After our introduction, we were then interviewed by the local Italian news station about our experiences in Emilia Romagna so far! It was so cool. Now I can check "be on Italian TV" off my bucket list...

The parade that began the night

The kids of the town dressed up as little water droplets! The cutest thing. Oh, and this guy on the right with the camera was the photographer for the local newspaper... paparazzi status !

The entire town was decorated in blue, including all of the hotels, restaurants and stores.

Opening performances in the town square 

The stage that we were introduced on..

The water droplets getting their groove on... I was melting.

It was amazing to see how families, from little kids to grandparents, all stayed awake in the squares celebrating until all hours of the night. Not only was it a fun celebration but I loved see how the people of Bagno di Romagna appreciate the water that nature brings them for the thermal spas that are so important to the town. 

Such a fun Saturday night in Emilia Romagna!

Next up -- the Palio in Ferrara!

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