Friday, October 26, 2012

Happiness at the International Food Festival

September and October have been full of fun festivals and events in Florence. Recently, there was an international food festival held over one weekend in Piazza Santa Croce, and any one who even slightly knows me is aware of my slightly sick obsession over food. So naturally, I hit up the festival (more than once) to get some eats and try to relive some of my travels over the past few years. I was also super excited to eat something besides pizza and pasta.

There was a TON of German food, which was amazing because I was missing the hearty food that I got in Munich a couple of weeks before.

CORN! On the cob!

Spanish paella. Really!?

Brittany and I chose some frittes and a large pretzel as our first little snack. Yum

So those are chocolate covered soft pretzels. As big as my head.

Takes me back to our trip to Salzburg during my study abroad semester...

The booth that by far made me the happiest was the Greek one. Lamb, chicken, and pork gyros, kebabs, and Tzatziki sauce... so freaking good.

Happy as a clam eating my gyro! They threw some fries in there for me too. 

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