Sunday, October 7, 2012

You'll Find Me at Oktoberfest! Part One

The weekend I had been waiting for for months had finally arrived-- time for Oktoberfest!!

Last weekend we jumped on the Bus2Alps bus at 11pm (with 300 other students) with wine bottle in hand, ready for an insane few days.

I woke up on the bus at 7am (after only about an hour of sleep) to our arrival at the Stoke Travel campground. Yes, you read that right. Jessica Dante....camping. I can still barely believe it myself. But the campground was pretty cool and it was housing hundreds of people ready to have a great Oktoberfest weekend.

 We checked into the campsite, threw our stuff in our tents, and were ready to head to the beer tents! Another great part about the Stoke campsite is that for 10 euro, you can get unlimited beer and sangria for the entire weekend at the campsite bar.

First beer of the weekend, waiting for the bus !

Leo representing...

We started the day at the Hofbrauhaus tent around 10am-- I was so excited to go here since it brought back memories of our great time at the actual Hofbrauhaus when I studied abroad... the place was packed but we met up with a bunch of the Bus2Alps guides and other students on the trip with us.

First stein of the weekend! There were naturally many more to come.

After downing a few steins, Becca, Leo and I went on a hunt for Ox sandwiches, which were supposed to be one of the best foods to get at Oktoberfest. If you've been following me on Twitter, you may have seen that I've recently began to eat as vegetarian as possible, for health and financial reasons, but there was absolutely no way that I was not eating meat this weekend.  So we found our oxe sandwiches, which were... interesting. A bit chewy, and not a ton of flavor. Smothering ketchup all over it helped a bit...

Around 7pm, I grabbed dinner at the Hardrock Cafe with a bunch of the trip leaders, then we went back to the campground to meet up with everyone else. We had a 6am wakeup call for the next morning, but the bar on the campsite was bustling with people, so we all decided to have a good time there for a bit before passing out in our tents.

Bed at 1am, up at 6 the next morning... 

Day two coming soon!

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