Sunday, October 21, 2012

You'll Find Me at Oktoberfest-- Part 3

Catch yourself up with part one and two of my Oktoberfest adventure!

This was my second time to Munich, so when Bus2Alps offered us a bike tour on our last day at Oktoberfest, I didn't think I wanted to participate, assuming that I had already seen everything Munich has to offer. But Carly and Lindsey wanted to go, and I figured that I could use a little exercise after all of the beer and hearty German food I had been eating all weekend..

Frankie's Bike Tours has been voted the best bike tour in Germany quite a few times, so I had pretty high expectations for the day ahead of us.

Carly ready to go

We started off seeing some sites I had seen before, like the Hofbrauhaus, but during the tail-end of the tour we rode to some spots I hadn't been to before, such as the gorgeous English Garden. It was huge-- it's even bigger than Central Park in NYC. We were able to see some historic areas, gorgeous flowers, and even a marathon going on. The tour brought us through much of the park and to a beer house in the middle for lunch and drinks.

I had recently heard about a place that you can surf in Munich, and our guide brought us to this spot. A few years ago, the city put in a huge rock to slow down the flow of water through this area, and one day a guy in a wetsuit hopped in the river and started surfing on it. Now it's a world-famous bucket list item.

After the tour was done, the girls and I walked around Munich for a bit, then headed back to the campsite to (sadly) pack our stuff up and hop on the Bus2Alps bus back to Firenze. It was a great weekend and I'm so glad I finally got to experience Oktoberfest! 

The view from the bus on the way home!

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