Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You'll Find Me in Interlaken!

I received an email early this past Thursday morning, and by 9pm Thursday night, I was on a 9-hour bus ride to Switzerland. Things in my life have been moving pretty fast these days, but it keeps things interesting-- I didn't move to Florence to be living a routine lifestyle.

By 5am, we were in Interlaken, Switzerland. I have heard so much about this place over the past three years-- from both my friends who studied in Antwerp with me that went skydiving here, and from the students and Bus2alps staff members who had fallen in love with the town in just one short weekend. I couldn't sleep on the bus because containing my excitement was impossible....

Get ready for a significant amount of scenery pictures because I just could not get enough of my beautiful surroundings. Editing was unnecessary for most of these photos because they came out perfect the instant they showed up on my camera.

We stayed at world-famous Balmer's Hostel. I've had a ton of friends stay here in the past few years and they have all raved about how fun the hostel was-- especially Metro, the bar/club that they have right in the basement. It was in a great location too, just a five minute scenic stroll from the main street in town and was next to Outdoor Interlaken, where I signed up for the craziest thing I've ever done in my life-- but more about that later...

Yup, those are the Swiss Alps.

Swiss cows

On our second day in Interlaken we expected rainy and cold weather, but it turned out to be fairly warm and the perfect day for a walk. Our Bus2alps guides took us along the river to a large lake filled with stunning blue glacial water. 

It was so nice to see greenery and leaves, such a contrast from Florence. 

Don't worry, we didn't walk around Interlaken just taking pictures and staring at the mountains for three whole days... just wait till my next post, where you'll see what life-changing activity I did in the Swiss Alps!

There's still more weekends left to go to Interlaken with Bus2Alps! Use gift code "Dante" for 5% off your trip!

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