Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Crazy Weekend in Prague with Swedish House Mafia

One of my all-time favorite cities in Europe is Prague. I've been twice, once in the winter and once in the summer, and I've walked around in awe of the city's beauty both times I visited. Earlier this fall, I thought it would be nice to try to get back to this amazing city after Thanksgiving so that I could experience the holiday decorations and Christmas markets again.

So when trusty old Facebook reconnected an old friend and I, a friend who happens to be living and working in Prague, and who just HAPPENED to have one extra ticket to see Swedish House Mafia the weekend after Thanksgiving, I just could NOT pass up that opportunity.

I jumped on a flight from Milan the night before the show, took out some Czech money at the airport, and arrived to Matt's apartment around 10:30pm to meet his two friends from London. Little did we know what the next few days had in store for us...

After a spontaneous first night out at Retro Music Hall, the four of us became super close. While Matt was at work on Thursday, Tom, Kate and I walked around Old Town a bit and did some shopping, and we of course picked up some mulled wine-- a spiced, hot red wine that you can usually pick up in cold weather cities and in Christmas markets around Europe.

Once we shopped, grabbed some food, and got back to Matt's flat, it was time to get ready for what we had all been waiting for-- the Swedish House Mafia show. If you don't know who Swedish House Mafia is (which I'm really hoping is NO ONE), they are the biggest DJs in the world and this is their "One Last Tour". They will only be performing together until March, so we knew that seeing them in Prague was about to be a life changing event.

As you can probably tell by these pictures, words can't even describe how awesome the show was. This video is a bit shaky since I was on someone's shoulders, but you still get the idea!

When the show was over, we were all on such a high that we went out till the wee hours of the morning. 

In fact, the next morning, I was still on such a high-- guess what I did?

Booked a flight to Paris for the next weekend to see SHM again.

You only live once.

Needless to say, after all of the Paris commotion, that day was a lazy one, although the night definitely was not...

On Saturday, after a delish brunch at Globe, which consisted of chocolate chip pancakes and a Spanish omlet with homefries that somewhat cured my hangover, we intended on doing a little site seeing.

But instead, we ended up at Beer Factory, a bar where each table has its own tap, and the name of the game is to see which table drinks the most beer. 

Do you see a theme to this weekend? No work, all play. I had officially finished working in Florence and Matt, Tom and Kate had taken time off work, so we intended on using this time to the fullest.

That night, we went to a house party at a friend of Matt's place, and had the most amazing time. I think it may have been a mix of the sick house music that was blasting, the deceivingly delicious party punch, and just being around a big group of cool people from all around the world that made us the happiest kids on the planet (see picture below...) 

Later in the night, we ventured to Retro for the third night of our four night trip. If you are looking for a good club to go to, I highly, HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you are into house music. The DJs are SO good, the drinks are cheap, it's a local spot, and it's even free to get into. GO!

What a crazy, fun, awesome, sick weekend. 

Get ready for round two when I go see SHM again in Paris!

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