Thursday, December 29, 2011

I love lists.

Lists are my thing. It's how I remember everything and how I actually get things done each day. The joy that spreads across my face as I cross off the last thing on my to-do list for the day is borderline creepy.

Anyways, I've been having a nervous moment about this move for the past few days, so to get me back to excitement mode, here's a list of things awaiting me in Florence that I'm anxious to get to:

  1. Getting back into speaking Italian-- when I was in Florence over the summer, I was SO happy when I was speaking Italian... with Italians!
  2. The certification class I will be taking= a whole group of new friends to make. Um, I like making friends. Especially when I'm in a foreign country where I know no one.
  3. Lots of pretty things and people to take pictures of with my snazzy new camera!
  4. Skinny people and a whole different perspective on food and eating...
  5. Speaking of food....
  6. Speaking of food... WINE
  7. Finding a teaching job and having a steady income
  8. Having everyone who's saying they're coming to visit ACTUALLY come visit
  9. Being able to sit in a little outdoor cafe on a lovely spring afternoon, sip a glass of Tuscan white wine, eat pasta, and watch the fat American tour groups walk by...
  10. A slower paced lifestyle 
23 days!!


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