Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our first weekend!

We had our first weekend here in Florence and it was so fun! A bunch of us from our TEFL class went out to a bar called the Lion's Fountain. There were a lot of Americans there, which was kind of nice since we got to meet a lot of new people... the bar had T-shirts all over the walls and ceilings from different schools in the US, and JMU was up there! I took a picture but it's on my little camera so I'll upload it later.

We took a walk today to get a few things and to explore a little bit, so here's some pictures ...

In front of the Duomo 

Around Italy, you'll sometimes see a ton of padlocks attached to some type of railing with names and dates written onto them. This tradition came from a famous Italian book-- they're called love locks and are meant to symbolize a couple's everlasting love. It's really cool seeing them around the city since there are usually at least a few hundred.

The view from the Ponte Vecchio

Thought this was priceless..

Class tomorrow morning... we're expecting snow on Tuesday, I hope I hope I hope :)
Ciao for now!

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