Sunday, February 12, 2012

And we're back

It's been TOO long.

We've been swamped with work for our TEFL class, and on top of that, our internet is really slow and makes it tough to upload pictures. Once class is over, I'll start taking WAY more pictures and posting more regularly!

Last week, we went to a little cafe by our apartment to get a crepe. This one has Nutella inside and chocolate drizzled on top.. it was amazing.

Taylor and our friend Chad got a cappuccino...

We had a pretty long day and lots of work to do last week, so we treated ourselves to a nice dinner. We went to Ristorante Dante (of course!) and there was a bottle of wine already on the table with my name on it... literally... 
I'm never leaving this place.

We all got pizzas-- they were huge, delicious, and only eight euros. Totally recommend it.

We're turning in a project and take-home test tomorrow, and then we are in the home stretch of this class. I can't WAIT for it to be done, even though I'll miss seeing everyone from the class everyday. A small bunch of us got pretty close and a couple may be leaving Florence very soon... more on that later.



  1. Dante is a staple for all JMU grads - they love everyone from the school. I once had an owner invite me back for dinner the next time, on the house, because he loved my dress and had never met prettier girls than the ones he'd met from JMU. Ah, firenze

  2. I saw your blog, I think on Global Bloggers Network on fb, which I'm also a member of, and I had to check it out because I LOVE Florence. I studied abroad there way back, returned a couple times, and write about its art pretty often on my site ( One of my dreams is to take people there for tours of its art and architecture.
    The first couple posts caught my attention because I am an ESL teacher (have been since 1996), and I lived & taught English abroad like you want to do. Then I saw this post about Dante-- that was my favorite restaurant in Florence! I loved their pizzas. Small world :)
    I look forward to following along as you finish the course and start working there.

    1. Thank you so much Jenna! I LOVE your blog too, I've come across it before. Where did you teach English abroad?

  3. I taught in a small city in the Czech Republic. Since then I've been teaching in the U.S. to international students and immigrants.
    I'm happy I can live vicariously through your Florence adventures for a while :)


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