Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuscany by horseback

Recently I got to go on a tour with Fun in Tuscany, a company that offers different types of tours throughout Tuscany. I was so excited to go on the tour since I hadn't been out of the city since I've been here AND I wanted to go into the countryside SO bad! So here's pictures and the rundown of our tour...

First, we hopped into a van and drove about a half hour into the Tuscan countryside, where we stopped at a horse farm. You could either chose to do horseback riding or take a vespa tour, and since I absolutely love to ride horses (I rode when I was younger and would ride everyday if I had the option), I chose to do that.

Sweetest little guy at the barn..

The girls getting ready

We rode for about an hour through the countryside...

After our ride, the three other girls and I relaxed and drank some Chianti while we waited for the Vespa group to return. 

Once we were all back together, we headed up to a castle to get lunch. 

The food here was ABSOLUTELY delicious (see bruschetta above...). We had appetizers, two types of pasta as our main course, and both red and white wine.

Cheers with our desert wine!

After lunch, since the Vespa group had already gone on a wine tasting, the rest of us got our own little one. We tried a white wine, a rose (my favorite and the one I purchased) and two types of reds. They were all so good, but I don't think I've ever come across a type of wine that I didn't like, so..

View from the castle

Fun in Tuscany runs really great tours (and they have the Trip Advisor reviews to back it up). It was all students in our group and we had a great time getting to know each other while on the tour. I had a blast and highly recommend using Fun In Tuscany!

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