Monday, March 26, 2012

Two month anniversary

The 22nd marked the two month anniversary of my arrival to Florence! I CAN'T believe it's been two months already, I feel like I just stepped off the plane in the Florence airport. So much has changed over these past two months... I've made some amazing new friends, got two great jobs that don't even have anything to do with teaching English (I'm doing social media and internet marketing for two awesome companies here in Florence), and am having such a great time. As cheesy as it sounds, my eyes have been opened to so many new things and can't even imagine what the future has in store for me here.

On a totally unrelated topic, Taylor, Chad and I tried a new restaurant called Cento Posti last week after Taylor had met the owner at her job and he told her to come in. We sat outside on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and watched the madness near the Duomo ensue as we dined on our plate of choice.

I decided to go with Orrechiete with broccoli and sausage. It was a little spicy but was SO delicious.

Thursday morning, I leave for Barcelona to go to the Steve Aoki show and to see a friend of mine who lives there. I'm counting down the minutes till I'm on the beach!! Expect some great pictures of beach fun and Spanish food :)

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