Sunday, May 13, 2012

My first night in Bologna

After I finished my work day in Florence, I packed up some essentials, walked to the Santa Maria Novella train station, and hopped the high-speed train to Bologna. It was my first time taking the high speed, and it was so comfortable and smooth that I could barely stay awake for the half hour ride. I hopped off at the Bologna stop and attempted to take a bus to the BlogVille apartment but got extremely lost. I seriously don't think I will EVER figure out the Italian bus system! Luckily, I was able to call our BlogVille "Master of the House" Nick to come save me and bring me to our new place. 

Pictures of the AMAZING apartment will come later...

Upon my arrival, I met the other travel bloggers that I would be staying with-- Nicola (from Australia), Tom (from England), and Bethany and Ted, a couple from Oregon who are traveling the world for a year. Everyone seemed pretty cool right from the beginning! 

I was kind of hungry (and by kind of hungry, I mean not hungry at all but excited to start trying the cuisine of Bologna) so Nick brought Nicola, Tom and I to a cool little local spot that only serves wine. We had brought some leftovers and some pizzettes (small, square pizzas-- something I haven't found much of in Florence) and ordered two bottles of vino rosso right as they were about to close. 

Ordering our wine


The Osteria closed fairly soon after we got there, and we still had a bottle of wine to finish, so we headed to the steps of the Piazza Maggiore and took in the night views of the square.

After our wine was done, we called it a night, since we had a BIG day coming up!

Look out for my next post on our pasta making class, wine tasting, and more!

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