Sunday, August 26, 2012

A day galavanting around NYC

Last week, a day that was planned to be filled with adventures around Manhattan with my friend Sara ended up beginning as a rainy, sticky mess. As we stood on the stoop of her apartment and watched it pour in the streets of New York, we realized our plans would have to be adapted....

So we started our day of galavanting at where else-- the neighborhood bar. We descended into Down the Hatch at noon for half price drinks. We began with two pitchers of a very American beer -- Sam Adams-- and watched some rhythmic gymnastics. Bombs were half price as well, so we had to try a couple -- the Skittle bomb and another one with lemonade and Firefly. 

After we finished up at Down the Hatch, we decided to do some walking through Washington Square Park. The day had completely cleared up and it was beautiful out.

A taste of Italy in Manhattan...

One of my favorite areas in Manhattan

I definitely could have jumped in with them

Every city's gotta have one!

We did some more walking around the Washington Square Park area but headed over to Astor Place. One of our favorite bars in Florence is called Astor Cafe, so we of course had to throw on our Astor t-shirts and represent ! 

We stopped at B Bar on East 4th street for a drink and a break from the heat. 

Our last stop of the day before we would head back to Sara's place to eat dinner and freshen up for the night was Mama's Bar, a quirky little bar on Avenue B with funny decor (gold boobs in the bathroom?) and delish frozen drinks. Oh, and arcade games, as you can see. 

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