Thursday, September 6, 2012

Florence Foodie: Acqua Al Due

One of my best Florence friends, Kate, left this amazing city after a summer here to go back to her hometown of Dublin (and then is heading back to school in England), so we thought we would have a nice farewell dinner before she left. We decided to indulge at Acqua al Due, one of the most popular restaurants in town.

We naturally started off the night with bottles of Chianti and Pinot Grigio, and after everyone had their glasses full, I made one of the cheesiest toasts of my life to Kate... and then we drank.

The reason that Acqua al Due is such a popular restaurant is because not only is the food delish, but it's moderately priced as well. I've had a lot of amazing dishes there during my time in Florence, but my favorite thing to get is to get a salad sampler and a pasta sampler to split with someone. With a sampler, you'll get three different kinds of whatever you order (above is the salad sampler), so you don't have to choose just one. The most popular dish to order is the secondi piatti sampler, which has three types of steak. I'm not a steak person, but the balsamic steak is to die for.

We enjoyed our pasta, salad, and wine, and reminisced about Kate's time here in Florence.... 

Sara and Vanessa

Emilia and Madeleine

My two best friends for the past few months


Acqua al Due is on Via della Vigna Vecchia, 40, fairly close to Santa Croce. Make sure you make a rez before going !

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