Sunday, January 1, 2012

"I already hate this year"

The title of this post is courtesy of Kathryn, whose first words in the new year after waking from her drunken slumber were those. 

I've spent the past three New Years in NYC, and now that all of my friends have big kid jobs and live in Manhattan, it's even more fun. We get to pretend we're in Sex and the City and sip champagne and act glamourous... before the champagne hits us.

Champagne Toast!

Getting dolled up

One of the many perks of Kathryn's job.

She's cutting the little belt straps off my dress... PS, that dress does not photograph well but it's adorable and I got it for $7 at H&M!

It all began two and half years ago in JFK airport... :)

After we got all dolled up, we went to a pre game a couple of blocks away, and then I headed to meet some friends at Cipriani's (yup, the restaurant that the Real Housewives like to go to) and the girls went to Chinatown Brasserie. I have pictures from inside, but they're on my baby camera, so I'll upload those later!

Happy New Year..... 20 days!

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