Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm here!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I've arrived.

Would you like a quick little rundown and some pretty pictures?

After some extremely emotional goodbyes, we took off from JFK. In an attempt to sleep more on the plane, I guzzled two complimentary cups of red wine, only to end up with no sleep, a headache, and the need for a barf bag as we landed.

Second flight from Frankfurt into Florence--- the SCARIEST flight of my life. It was only an hour and twenty minutes long, and the turbulence was SO BAD for a good four minutes that the pilot yelled at the staff to sit down and buckle up. I talked to myself, I cried, I put a book over my eyes, and I looked at the Indian guy next to me for some sympathy. Got none.

When the plane was descending into Florence, all you could see was clouds and the top of the Duomo! It was the coolest thing, I took a picture on my phone but it didn't come out that well.

My bags came out within minutes and it took me about twenty seconds to find the taxi line. As I wheeled toward the lined up cabs with my four bags, I kept thinking that some good looking French guy was going to ask if I wanted to share a cab because "zees cabs are so damn expenseeeeve" and then I would be taken and sold into slavery. Good news, it didn't happen.

I arrived right at my door and my roommate buzzed me in. We lugged my forty-five pound suitcases up the seventy-seven stairs to our apartment. Yup, 77 winding stairs, we counted tonight.

Our building's front door

View from our apartment!

You can see the Duomo from here!

La Strada

Our dining room..

We don't have internet but we get cable on that little TV... of course, we only get one English channel and its MTV... we've watched like six old episodes of Teen Mom already

La Cucina

Yes... we have our very own authentic Italian clothes line. Just need the cute old lady to throw all our clothes on there

My room!

We have no internet, but at least we have a piano!
I'm being sarcastic if you can't tell.

The Cathedral and Duomo at night

The streets at night, after Taylor and I went to a bar for Apertivo... the same one that the girls and I went to over the summer.

We started class today, but I'm shot so I'll write more tomorrow.


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