Monday, April 16, 2012

Barca Day Two!

After a fun but long night, we woke up after about four hours of sleep and hopped in the Volvo, but not before we grabbed the most delicious wraps in Barcelona.. they were SO good.

We drove about an hour outside Barcelona to Tossa Del Mar, a small beach town that was empty of tourists and annoying people trying to sell you sunglasses and massages...

The girls on the beach. I dove in the water but it was SO cold!

The castle..

The beach was so clean and quiet... kind of what we needed after the long night we had...

On the way back to Barcelona, we pulled off onto a scenic overlook and took some pictures.

Later that night, we went to an amazing dinner at The W hotel with some friends from Barcelona. The W is GORGEOUS... and we got to see the "Whatever" desk-- the desk where guests can literally ask for whatever they want, and they will make it happen...

After dinner, we were lucky enough to head up to Eclipse, a bar on the top of the W that overlooks the whole city... the views were amazing. This picture is the view just from the bathroom!

After, we headed to Shoko with everyone-- that's Paige with one of the bottles! 

 Day 3 coming up soon!

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