Thursday, July 12, 2012


Those of you who follow my tweets and Facebook page may have seen the fact that I have a flight booked for home on July 20th.  I will be home for one month, AND for my 23rd birthday!! I couldn't be more excited to get home, see everyone, and have a fun month of summer on the island and in NYC.

If you look back on my pre-Florence departure posts, I created a list of things I was looking forward to once I got to Florence (lists are kinda my thing). Since I will be home in eight days, I find it is only necessary to create a list of things I am looking forward to during my visit..

  1. Family vacation at LBI (mom and dad are paying for dinners and everything else I do? GREAT. Oh, and I get to see my second family, the Macrides!)
  2. Seeing ALL of my friends
  3. Seeing all of my new friends who I met in Florence but who have since returned to New York/NJ
  4. Two words-- BOARDY BARN
  5. Galavanting around and wrecking havoc on New York City... anyone who's spent five minutes with me in Florence knows how much I miss the city
  6. Beach and boat time... Robert Moses is calling my name
  7. Having currency that is one color and one size
  8. Hearing my iPhone ring.. texts and calls
  9. Driving automatic
  10. Getting water for free at restaurants
  11. My dog
  12. Various foods, including Chinese, frozen yogurt, Slurpees, mac and cheese, and peanut butter
  13. TARGET
  14. Air conditioning!
The infamous Boardy Barn

Long Beach Island

I can't even imagine heading up to Rome, getting on the plane, and ending up at JFK... it will be almost exactly my six month anniversary of my arrival to Florence. 

Half a year in Italy... and wouldn't change it for the world.

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