Friday, July 13, 2012

You'll Find Me in Rimini!

Do you guys remember that really awesome blogging trip that I went on to Bologna about a month ago? The one where I learned how to make fresh pasta, went on a wine tasting, and was invited to the Brandina store opening in Cesenatico? Well BlogVille was at it again in June, this time in the area of the beach town of Rimini, and of course I participated! This trip may have even topped Bologna.. 

I arrived in Rimini by train and was promptly picked up by Master of the House, Nick, as well as bloggers Nicola, Keane, and Gina, who had all just went on a booze run for the "Green Party" we would be attending that evening... more on that later. We arrived to our blogger apartment, which was more like two very nice hotel rooms right on the beach.

Our view

After seeing the thousands of beach chairs and umbrellas lined up along the water, I hopped right into my bathing suit and headed down to the beach with Nicola and Keane for some sun time. We had a special "BlogVille Beach" area with our own chairs and umbrellas...

The beach in Rimini is super clean (as was the water), and there's also some fun things that you can do for free, like play volleyball or participate in a water workout session. Of course, there's also the option of heading to one of the beach bars and grabbing a refreshing drink.

Opposite view from the apartment

After eating and cleaning up from our beach day, the bloggers were all invited to a "Green Party", which was basically a poor person's party, so guests brought the alcohol for the bar as well as some food. I definitely did not feel like a poor person though-- it was held at penthouse apartment with an fabulous view of all of Emilia Romagna and had delicious food and a great DJ.


Mojito bowl!

A view of San Marino (at the top of the mountain)

This is just day one-- the next day was filled with a gorgeous hike, one of the best meals of my life, and a massage... keep an eye out for the next few posts!

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