Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Sunday in Cinque Terre

The last few weeks here in Florence have been kinda insane. I've been working a ton (on top of what I was already doing during the day, I now also help run a Pub Crawl six days a week and am helping some people/companies with online marketing). In addition, I was couch surfing for two weeks as I waited to move into my new apartment. So when I finally moved in, I was in desperate need of a relaxing day away from Florence. A few of us decided to hop one of the Bus2Alps buses to head to Cinque Terre for a nice, chilled-out Sunday.

What/where is Cinque Terre, you ask? It's along the Italian Riviera and is an area that consists of five small towns (hence the name). They are connected by a local train but also can be reached by hiking to each town. The views on the hike are absolutely gorgeous and worth the sweat that you'll break as you do it.

The girls and I hit up Cinque Terre for three days during our backpacking trip last year, so I had already done the hike.. so our group decided to grab a nice lunch and just drink some beers on the beach as we tried to get our tan on.

Love locks on the Lover's Walk

Seagull chilling

Waiting for the train to the beach town of Monterosso 

Lunchtime on the water

After lunch, we grabbed some lounge chairs and beers and hit the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect at about 75 degrees, and the sun came out just as we settled down.

Gianna and Pat taking a dip

Cheese, his flag, and our new Baylor friends!

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